Laboratory for Research on Social Media and Gamification (FCI 2015-2020)

The Laboratory for Research on Social Media and Gamification (Laboratoire de recherche en médias socionumériques et ludification) performs a systematic, searchable, and archivable capture of data regarding the content and context for communication technologies’ use. Gamification strategies on social media platforms and massive data production’s impact on users are key research topics. The laboratory elaborates three interrelated axes:

Axis 1: social media through the lens of mobility and key contemporary players in the exploitation of geolocalization technologies.

Axis 2: gamification strategies in digital communication technologies and their intensifying connections with the world of video games.

Axis 3: big data production, collection, and use, and the impacts of this circuit on individuals and society.

Funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation / Fondation Canadienne pour l’Innovation (CFI/FCI).


Homo Ludens research group on games and communication

The Homo Ludens research group studies gaming practices and communication. We focus on the social, philosophical, and semiotic aspects of games through the lens of communications studies, tackling namely:

  • Artificial communication (computation, algorithms, digital data, etc.);
  • Human-machine communication (interface, representations, immersion, etc.);
  • Interpersonal communication (group dynamics, practice environment, content sharing, etc.);
  • Social communication (communauties, gaming capital, socialization, etc.);
  • Cultural communication (ideology, norms, values, etc.).


Research Group on Everyday Information and Surveillance (GRISQ)

The Research Group on Everyday Information and Surveillance (Groupe de recherche sur l’information et la surveillance au quotidien, GRISQ) studies how socio-digital technologies contribute to the deployment of various forms of everyday surveillance deployment as vectors of information production, collection, circulation, and consumption.